About Us



Tiny Toes Academy  is a dynamic, multi-cultural Preschool and Kindergarten that is committed to be excellence in the holistic development of each child. At TinyToes Academy we believe that the children learn their best when they actively involved in the construction of knowledge. We want to encourage them to take risks, to learn from failure in a community of acceptance and  reach to their higher potential


TinyToes Academy is set up with the intention to help educate excellence individuals with solid character.

We are passionate about children, we believe that the first five years of the children’s life are the golden years and during that early years we want to empowers these children to reach their best potential.

We acknowledge the sense of diversity and equality and we believe that every child has the right to learn. Children should develop a life-long quest and a love for learning, and learning should be a joyful journey and will continue throughout their life to be developed in a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and wisdom

This Journey of Learning should be built as a strong foundation for their social, emotional, academic, and physical growth

TinyToes Academy offers a multi-cultural environment for the holistic development of these children.  Our philosophy, children learn best in a nurturing, positive, enjoyable and safe environment, where they can develop their self-confidence, exercise creativity, and actively encouraged to explore, take risks, and learn from failure as much as success.


Inspired by the fast development of their childcare’s children, where they show their solid character far way exceeding their expectations, the founders of TinyToes Childcare Centre were encouraged to extend their love and care for these children to further instill a love of learning and to nurture their growing independence in a more structured and formal setting, hence TinyToes Academy is created.


Develop children with excellent character enabling a lifelong skill to embrace promising future through active exploring, discovering and learning.


  • Provide a safe location that will encourage playing and learning
  • Provide a trusting environment encouraging active participation to develop the character of our children
  • Create, maintain and continue to execute a custom curriculum based on active creative play and project assignment to accelerate the academic and social life skills development of our children